How does video enhance the user experience on a webpage?

There is no question that we live in a world that is out pacing human-kinds ability to keep up with daily technological advancements. We are a mobile society with shrinking boarders. IoT , EV, AV, AI are acronyms we hear every day of what is being developed around us – this minute.

Information on demand is what we are. With special eye wear, writs wear, computerized news billboards, every glass surface in our home, offices and schools is bombarding us demanding attention. Marketers are pulling all the stops to engage our 5 senses ( sight, smell, sound, taste, touch ). Personal and business web sites and social media sites are employing this technology to meet the demand – the thirst for knowledge through video enhancement.

Video has only scratched the surface in application to engage the user. In the past 10 years, speed of downloading has been the focus and now we can watch real time news events and movies on demand in seconds of downloading. Classrooms can exist for the handicapped, the elderly, the sick, the remote and in every language imaginable even for the deaf. Webpage video can allow otherwise knowledge deprived children in third world countries to receive an education. On-line video for after surgery physical therapy.

But let’s go further not just engage sound and visual senses. Let’s involve the other 3 senses – smell, taste, touch. We all learn in different ways. A friend of mine hears a song on the radio and immediately can recall it on his virtual keyboard. Where as my brother has spent 10 years of study and after school hours of practice in hopes of applying to Juilliard. Can we bring smell and taste to an on-line cooking video so I can finally cook an eatable meal?

Studies prove that people will look for a website“How To” video to watch before they will search for a long written document to read. Thanks to video I can even learn how to be my own lawyer and fight that speeding ticket in front of video judge.


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